Mike Gravel on Al-Arian prosecutor: "Find out where his kids go to school"

First the Levant post, then the Cohen post, now this: “Tolerance,” in all its many flavors. In fairness to Gravel, he didn’t mean to suggest to the crowd that they should go and kill the prosecutor’s children. What he meant, clearly, is that they should … empower lawmakers or something. I’m not sure what that means, but let’s give him the benefit of the doubt. All he likely meant was that he wants people to make up signs and posters, congregate outside the kids’ school, and peaceably hound them at every available opportunity. Besides, he’s always had a grandfatherly vibe; it’s just that he’s more the sort of grandpa who sits in a van with binoculars watching for an eight-year-old to emerge for recess so that he can go scream in his face about what a bad man daddy is. Let’s just consider ourselves lucky that he’s a progressive so we know his heart’s in the right place. If he wasn’t, I dare say this would have been covered on more than just Fox News.

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