Slow news day: Does "O Force One" have its own "president's" chair?

The debate rages: Standard campaign logo or presumptuous custom embroidery designed to coronate the King prematurely? Judge for yourself from the photos at CBS. After a week spent pounding the left for reading too much into innocent symbols, I’m not about to make the same mistake. Group me with Amerpundit, who points out in the comments to our Headlines item that “Obama, President” appears as a slogan in one of his recent ads and that McCain himself offers merch along the same lines. It’s a prefab logo, in other words, not some special label he had added to make his chair more throne-like. Others disagree, pointing out that there are no products in the campaign web store with that precise graphic on them (although this is close) and distinguishing the McCain merch based on the idea that a button worn by a supporter communicates a different message than something the candidate himself might wear. Exit question: Who’s right? (Exit answer: Me. Lighten up!)