Race-baiting ad of the day: Democrat compares opponent to Klansman

Of what vile sin could this Republican brute be guilty? Did he display a photo, perhaps, of Barack Obama talking to a white woman, along the same lines as the dozen examples to be found on Obama’s own website? Not exactly. Playing the role of the conservative is liberal Democrat Steve Cohen, who represents a majority minority district in Memphis, endorsed Obama before Super Tuesday, introduced the resolution formally apologizing for slavery that recently passed the House, and last year tried to join the Congressional Black Caucus before being rejected on account of insufficient pigmentation. Here’s what he gets for his effort. The one consolation this past week in the playing of “the racist card” on McCain is that, in a way, it’s not really personal. Certainly the left will be quicker to play it on conservatives, but when there’s advantage to be had, no one is safe. (Which is always true of witch hunts, needless to say.) Not even the first black president. Exit question: If even the editor of a magazine as deep in the tank for Obama as Newsweek thinks southern voters “just ain’t that different anymore,” what’s David Gergen’s next move?