Video: Obama hits back on McCain's gas prices ad

Close your eyes, jog your memory, and try to recall a single Obama ad from the campaign thus far. Can you do it? I can’t. As wealthy and well run as his organization is, it’s astounding how badly his television spots reek. I remember McCain ads (the one referenced here, the POW one, the Hillary “Woodstock” goof) and Hillary ads (the “3 a.m.” phone call, the NATO subcommittee ad), but the only image that pops to mind when I think of Barry is him standing on a street, yakking at the camera. What makes it even more astounding is that there’s no shortage of creativity among his disciples, from the infamous “1984” viral spot last year to the “Yes, we can” music video to this punchy attack on McCain posted just yesterday. You’d think at the very least he’d buy the rights to some of them and give them a limited run on TV. I can only assume it’s a strategic decision, that he believes as the neophyte he has to impress the electorate with his seriousness of purpose and stay away from attacks or frivolity lest they tarnish his halo, but is this really the best he can do to swat McCain for accusing him of singlehandedly causing the global rise in gas prices? It’s so feeble and generic. In fact, it reminds me of a brilliant parody from a few months ago (which I think was posted here) of what Apple products would look like if they were marketed by Microsoft. Obama’s image is very Apple-ish: Cool, sleek, glowing with style. Here’s what happens when halfwit Gates-ian ad men get hold of it. Zzzzz.

Update: Remember too that Obama was outspending Hillary on ads by margins of three to one in some states towards the end of the primaries, and she was still kicking his ass. And no wonder. Your ad team bites, Barry. Time for Change.

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