McCain's "Obama love" ad yanked due to ... copyright claim?

Looks like it. Here’s the YouTube page where the clip used to be; the campaign webpage showcasing the two alternate versions now redirects. To quote my favorite liberal vis-a-vis Team Barry, “Is Team McCain even playing the same game?”

The video, set to Frankie Valli’s “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You,” had the makings of a rare viral hit for McCain. It had been viewed more than 200,000 times in its first three day on the Web, and helped McCain beat Obama in total views on YouTube over the past week.

“Obama Love” was the top promoted video on McCain’s YouTube channel, but more significantly, it was fodder for news coverage and bloggers and reposted across the Web.

A fitting end to a week whose big photo op was at the Sausage Haus. Even dumber than them evidently not buying the rights to the song is the fact that they haven’t reposted the video yet with the music stripped out or some piece of generic romantic classical music in the public domain swapped in. Exit question: Is it time for an intervention yet? And if so, who wants to host it? Given MM’s rather public disagreement with Maverick on immigration, I doubt we can lure his web people to the top secret Hot Air batcave…

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