Video: Al Jazeera throws birthday party for freed Hezbollah child-killer

Yes, there’s cake, and true to the degenerate spirit of the event, it’s cut with a scimitar. Israel’s planning to hit the local bureau of AJ with sanctions as punishment, but I don’t see why. Israel made this possible. Olmert might as well have been named on the invitations as an honorary co-host.

Say this much for the decision to free him, though: Outside of Hamas’s kiddie death-porn pageants, you won’t find a neater example of jihadists and their “moderate” Arab sympathizers reveling in their own cretinism than the celebrations they’re having for this turd. It’s propaganda gold, albeit at an unusually steep price. Be sure to watch the second clip below, or at least skim the transcript, after you’re done with the party for a taste of the rhetoric that’s made him such a hero to our partners in peace. Exit quotation: “If we do not put an end to this disease, it will follow us, even if we flee to the end of the world. So it’s better to get rid of it.” Click the images to watch.



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