Mitt: McCain will help make us energy independent by drilling in ANWR

Marc Ambinder spotted it so I’m sending you over there to watch; pay attention starting at around 40 seconds in. He thinks it’s a deliberate hint that McCain might be finding ANWR less Grand-Canyon-like these days than before. I think it’s a case of Romney absentmindedly reciting the things he’d do to boost supply and simply assuming that McCain agrees — which, for the moment, isn’t so. Significant either way, though, as the VP buzz grows, raising the prospect of an intraticket disagreement on a hot button. A GOP consultant tells HuffPo he estimates Mitt’s chances at 20-25%, the possibly lingering acrimony between him and Team McCain notwithstanding. Exit quotation from Mary Katharine Ham: “Mitt Romney is, in some ways, the yin to McCain’s yang. He’s the embodiment of organization over excitement. He’s a picture of message control and microtargeting. But in a time when the Republican ticket can use all the passion it can get, both to compliment the candidate’s campaign style and to cure the dearth of conservative volunteers/donors, why put the embodiment of organization on the ticket when you’ve already got organization behind the scenes, where it belongs?” Click the image to watch.


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