Video: Soulless monster destroys man's most perfect creation

Science or snuff? He did this last year too, which means the only ostensible reason for further “experiments” is to test whether the chintzy plastic case on the new 3G model is sturdier than the brushed metal of iPhone classic. Which is preposterous, thereby making this nothing more or less than a torture video designed to leave drooling fanboys like me shrieking and pawing at the screen. Consider it a gift to the long-suffering Apple-haters in our readership.

Exit question for iPhone users, new and old: Why did Apple make the awesomely awesome new application store available to old iPhone customers instead of limiting it to purchasers of the 3G model? I was all set to go out and buy the new phone, but once I realized that my iPhone classic can run all the same apps (thanks to the upgraded 2.0 firmware), I’m less inclined. Without video chat or an improved camera or special access to the apps store, there’s simply no killer feature on the new phone that would compel an existing customer to upgrade.

Update: Dilemmas, dilemmas.

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