MSNBC host: Was the Colombia hostage rescue a sham designed to benefit McCain?

Like so many conspiracy theorists these days, he doesn’t have the balls to level the accusation squarely, preferring instead to “just ask questions.” It falls to Buchanan to flesh out the theory before rejecting it. Wade through some nutroots blogs and you’ll find breathless reportage noting that McCain did, apparently, know in advance — around 12 hours in advance, per the NYT, after he got to Colombia. Uribe told him on Tuesday night that they were going to try a rescue on Wednesday. The Times itself states matter of factly, “the timing of the rescue was a coincidence and Mr. McCain’s trip to Colombia had nothing to do with it,” and since he didn’t meet with the rescued hostages he gained nothing politically of any value — aside, of course, from a galaxy of leftists screeching about the timing. Oh well. Behold, per Blake Dvorak, one of the first documented cases of McCain Derangement Syndrome.