Gallup: 28% say wearing flag pin shows a "great deal" of patriotism

I’ve complimented Obama on his political astuteness enough times that we should revel a bit in one of his dumbest, most needless mistakes. Follow the link for the demographic breakdown, noting that voters over 50 are overrepresented in this category.


Which column would St. Barack fall under on the flag pin question? “Not at all”? Can’t be, or else he wouldn’t have cared enough to take it off in the first place. Like I’ve said before, no one invests more meaning in the pin than Obama himself. Pencil him in under “a great deal,” which is ironic given that that’s the group he’s going to suffer with most for his dopey, juvenile protest.

Exit question: More people regard voting as patriotic than risking one’s life on the battlefield? How’d that happen?