Video: "Dig It!"

Nothing much new here, even within the subset of YouTube critiques of Ayers, but it’s always fun to re-run that thought experiment of how the left would react to McCain palling around with abortion-clinic bombers. Oh, the Larger Truths that would be mined. Watching Obama flip-flop his way towards the center for the past few weeks actually helps put his Ayers association in context: It’s not that he’s a closet radical who regards them as fellow travelers, it’s that he’ll say and do whatever he must to advance his career. These two degenerates were in a position to help him in Chicago, so the friendship was struck. Ditto, apparently, with Wright, who had Obama pegged back when the rest of the country was still fitting him for his “new politics” laurel wreath.

Somewhere Fred Hobbs is watching this and stroking his chin thoughtfully. Exit question: Is this the sort of “turmoil” Rand Beers had in mind when lamenting McCain’s national security shortcomings? Click the image to watch.