Victory: Jindal changes mind, vetoes wildly unpopular legislative pay raise

The latest tally of recall petitions filed against state legislators stands at five, with Jindal facing one himself as of Friday afternoon. A poll of House Speaker Jim Tucker’s district found 83% opposed to the pay raise, and 59% willing to sign the recall petition against him.

Which is to say, not every flip-flop is a mistake.

Gov. Bobby Jindal announced today that he has vetoed the legislative pay raise.

After days of saying he would not reject the unpopular measure, Jindal said this morning that he had changed his mind…

Jindal had been criticized for his inability to stop the raise before it was passed and his refusal since then to veto the pay raise bill. He said he had promised lawmakers that he would not use his veto, but he also pledged during his gubernatorial campaign last year to prohibit an immediate legislative pay raise.

He asked the legislature to take out their anger over the veto on him instead of on voters. I’m, er, sure they’re broken up about it, governor. Congratulations to Louisianans for the most impressively intimidating display of civic outrage since, well, you know.

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