Video: ElBaradei says Iran could make a bomb in six months to a year

Here you go, in case you were wondering why Ehud Olmert’s taking meetings these days with the guy who planned the Osirak raid. Note the assumption here. So long as IAEA inspectors are on the case, he says, we’re guaranteed at least 6-12 months of lead time on an Iranian bomb — which is true if you believe the IAEA knows the whereabouts of all of Iran’s nuclear facilities and what’s going on inside each of them. I’ve seen lefties make the point, not unreasonably, that a bombing run not only would lead to war but would very likely fail to achieve its goal since we’re simply not sure how extensive Iran’s program is. You can destroy Natanz, sure, but what if there’s a secret military version of Natanz we don’t know about? Answer: If there’s a secret military version of Natanz, then the situation is much more dire than this messianic stooge, who long ago publicly subordinated his mission of reporting honestly the facts about Iran’s program to his own pacifist agenda, would have us believe.

Two other points worth noting. “It will be a different story,” he admits, if, in a year or two, Iran’s program is still intact; flag that now, because I guarantee you he’ll still be downplaying the threat when, not if, the program is still intact a year or two from now. And second, it’s always been my understanding that the 6-12 month timeframe applies only if one assumes that Iran has figured out how to make its centrifuges work perfectly, i.e. in a coordinated cascade running 24/7. That’s the major technological hurdle that they supposedly haven’t mastered yet. Are we to understand from ElBaradei here that they have mastered it, and that the only thing keeping them from going full blast on production is their own momentary lack of will? Click the image to watch.