Video: Russert remembered by his son

Not what you’d expect, and impressively so: For a kid his age, under these circumstances, doubtless sensing some unspoken pressure to emote for the cameras, he’s remarkably poised and articulate. Can’t fault the media for turning the cameras around this weekend to pay tribute, but there’s always something off-putting when they become part of the story they’re covering. This clip is a nice corrective.

Exit question: Who’ll replace Russert? Olby, Matthews, and David Gregory are each insufferable and thus unthinkable. I like Jonah Goldberg’s idea of a return to the panel format with a knowledgeable yet inconspicuous moderator, like Chuck Todd, to emcee. If Todd’s too inconspicuous to deliver ratings, though, then how about bringing Couric back? CBS is allegedly looking to dump her, it’d make for big buzz (and a sort of amends to women viewers disgruntled over MSNBC’s treatment of Hillary), and any dearth of gravitas on her part would be offset by the Broders and Ifills on the panel.