Rasmussen: 32% "angry" about illegal immigration, 63% want border secured first

Keep talking, Maverick. See what happens.

By a 63% to 28% margin, voters continue to believe it is more important to gain control of the border than to resolve the status of those who are already in the country illegally. Democrats are more evenly divided than other voters, but a plurality (49%) agree that controlling the border is the top priority…

Another factor fueling the anger over immigration is the belief that most government officials encourage immigrants to retain the culture of their home country. Overall, 43% of Americans believe this to be true while 32% disagree and believe most officials encourage immigrants to fully embrace American culture. Among those who are angry about immigration, 59% believe most government officials encourage immigrants to retain their home country culture.

Also, please note: 83% are angry at the government versus only 12% at illegals, and Republicans are actually slightly more inclined than Democrats to support a welcoming policy allowing anyone to move to the U.S. except criminals, “national security threats,” and people who can’t support themselves. Just a little factoid to file away for the next time Geraldo warns us of the anti-Latino pogroms or whatever that conservatives are forever supposedly plotting.