Video: "Blue Balled"; Update: The 60-second edit

The boss has background. I’m gratified to see the liberals responsible for this being so blatant about selling their politics on hipness and style; the left usually likes to pretend its appeal is based purely on substance even while they obsess about the power of “branding” in Republicans’ electoral successes. Now that we’ve got people doing velvet paintings of Obama, I guess they figure they might as well let the mask drop.

Both sides wrestle with variations of this sentiment (although I suspect men wrestle with it less than women), but on the right it’s usually formulated as, “I don’t date liberals.” I think that’s silly, but it’s defensible insofar as sharp political differences might make the relationship unworkable. The sentiment here, do note, is “I don’t sleep with Republicans,” almost as if there’s some physical taint, like VD, that one might contract by touching them. I don’t want to overstate the point since this dopey ad is designed to be cheeky and lighthearted, but once you’ve demonized a group to the extent of regarding them as unclean, you’re on a whole other plane of demagoguery.

Exit question: How long would this snoozer have been in the hands of a skilled editor? 45 seconds? 30?

Update: Our web guru, Mark Jaquith, took me up on my challenge and put together this vastly improved 60-second cut. 75 seconds would have been a bit better to help flesh out the end, but consider the point proved.