Ultimate nuance: Fox News ripped for bias towards presidential candidate ... by MSNBC

The exciting, predictable, spectacularly hypocritical conclusion to yesterday’s Headlines item about the FNC reporter who felt obliged to tell Maverick that she voted for him while interviewing him.
Karl wonders why this sort of thing warrants termination while Chris Matthews admitting on air to having quasi-sexual reactions to Barack Obama elicits nothing but chuckles. What amazes me is simply that Abrams, a former general manager of MSNBC, would be so comically oblivious to his own network’s renown for egregious Obama worship that he’d have the balls to level this criticism in the first place. It’d be like if O’Reilly started doing “special comments” and Abrams ripped for him for engaging in such grotesque, self-consciously theatrical demagoguery. I realize it’s important to flatter the nutroots partisans occasionally by assuring them how partisan everyone else is, but good lord. A little humility, please.