Video: Eleventh-hour blockbuster endorsement rescues Hillary's campaign

The endorsement’s (very) old news, actually, but the fact that they’re willing to stand by it and go down with the ship is, god forgive me for saying so, commendable. Then again, Wilson’s been a sufficiently harsh critic of the Messiah that it’s probably too late for him to enter the kingdom of heaven when it’s inaugurated next year. They might as well stick with Hillary, hope Obama loses, and then wait to be rewarded for their loyalty when she resurfaces, Nixon-like, in ’12.

Exit question: Am I the only one feeling a teensy bit sentimental during these final days of the Glacier’s candidacy? 95% of you will say yes, but for the other five percent, what is it that’s getting to you? The Shakespearean tragic overtones? The sudden awareness that we won’t have Hillary to kick around for very much longer? The alarming extent to which she was able to humanize herself over the past month or two? The fact that she’s as nutty as a PayDay bar and it’s always sad to see the insane suffer? What is it?