Video: Mark Steyn vs. the "sock puppets"

The “sock puppets” being the three Canadian Muslim law students whom he says are acting as spokespersons for Mohammed el-Masry, the complainant in the Star Chamber case against him and a noted proponent of killing Israeli civilians. He’s also been known to accuse the media of being controlled by “the zhoos,” according to Ezra Levant, which should indicate how abiding his respect for “human rights” is. The clip’s in three segments: First Steyn alone, then the Puppets, then in the last third the long-awaited confrontation between the two, in which the Puppets clarify their position. It’s not that they’re fascists bent on silencing Steyn’s criticism of Islam; it’s that they’re socialists, evidently, insofar as they think Maclean’s magazine owes them a right of reply to his commentary in its pages under penalty of law. It’s the Fairness Doctrine, in other words, aimed a la the American version at confiscating private property to promote a viewpoint with which the property owner doesn’t himself agree. Here’s Steyn’s own account of the showdown. I freely admit that I had to turn it off out of disgust at their presumptuousness. Click the image to watch.


Jazz Shaw Jun 22, 2021 6:01 PM ET