Hillary: I am fully prepared to rock on

Good lord. Conduct yourself with a little dignity in the face of death, Hillary, please. Yes, granted, she’s more of a threat than Obama to steal the Hispanic vote from McCain, and yes, the massive black turnout that will greet him in November is likely to come mostly in southern states that are foregone conclusions for the GOP (Virginia notably excepted), and, okay, yes, she’s done better in the battlegrounds than he has and would have won the nomination if they were winner-take-all. All true, and all beside the point. There’s a saying that comes to mind about what my aunt would need to have to be my uncle, but there’s already so much racial and gender politics swirling in this loathsome primary that I’m disinclined to repeat it. Suffice it to say, per Florida and Michigan, Her Majesty is still stuck
at Stage Three; her superdelegates are already on their way to Stage Five. She will be too, soon enough.