Wolf Blitzer: Hey, how about a Florida re-vote -- during the Democratic convention?

A delightful idea to any true blue supporter of Operation Chaos and, perhaps, anyone affiliated with the Clinton campaign, and an abject disaster to everyone else. Yes, granted, most Democrats want the race to continue, but read the fine print: Only 26% want the superdelegates to wait until the convention to decide the nominee, something they’d be forced to do under the Blitzer plan. If you take this seriously, he’s got Hillbama squaring off in Montana and South Dakota on June 3, then just chilling for two months, and then right back into the thick of it starting in August, when they’re bound to split most of the delegates in Florida and Michigan roughly equally anyway. Nuance:

Here’s one idea that is now being floated and that potentially could gain some traction though it would require the DNC changing its current rules which state that the primaries and caucuses must be concluded by early June.

Michigan already has a state-wide primary scheduled for August 5 for local and state elections. Florida has a similar state-wide primary scheduled for August 26, the second day of the Democratic convention in Denver. Why not let the two states add a Hillary Clinton-Barack Obama election to the ballots for those two primaries?

Adding that election to the already scheduled primaries for those two dates wouldn’t add any additional cost to the states.

They would simply have to print a new ballot.

Sounds like a plan. Exit question: Who, precisely, is “floating” this idea besides Blitzer himself? Is this just his version of the old “experts say” conceit when the media wants to opine but feels compelled to dress it up as reportage? Even Hillary’s last-gasp plans don’t involve anything as nutty as a primary held while the convention’s ongoing.