Report: Indiana Republicans crossing over "in droves"

Chaos? Maybe not. Of the three people interviewed, two are voting the “wrong” way.

Amid heavy turnout, Republicans appeared to be crossing over in droves today in Marion County and suburban counties, where fewer Republican voters might impact down-ticket primary races.

At the Broad Ripple center, nearly 400 voters — of 1,800 registered in the two precincts — had turned out in the first few hours of voting. Among them was Meghan Ward-Bopp, 24, who went against family tradition and asked for Democratic ballot so she could vote for Barack Obama; she plans to vote for Republican John McCain in November…

Ward-Bopp voted for the Democrat she liked, but Jim Adams, 36, voted for Hillary Clinton to keep the race going beyond Indiana. He’s a McCain backer and enjoys watching the Democrats fight…

The Republican strongholds in the counties around Indianapolis have high demand for Democrat ballots.

“We’ve seen more Democrats so far in the first few hours than we’ll usually see in a day,” said election judge Barb Stauch at Avon United Methodist Church in Hendricks County.

North Carolina is a lost cause and looking more lost by the minute. Her best-case scenario was a big win in Indiana and a narrow loss in NC; I wonder if it’s not going to play out the opposite way, with a closer than expected win in Indy and a blowout in Carolina. Does she stay in the race if that happens? That Gallup poll today plus the lure of the next few primaries being likely landslides for her probably means yes, but once the superdelegates see that the Wright thing didn’t do Obama any harm, there’s nothing left to stop the stampede. If NC’s a blowout, she needs a blowout in Indiana to give them something to think about.