Video: Hillary on motherhood

The boss greets her with a luxurious eye roll but I’ve always found this side of Hillary surprisingly authentic and appealing. Among the many, many, many tales of her phoniness and ruthlessness, I can’t recall a single one about her being cold or cruel to Chelsea. God forgive me, but some of her mannerisms remind me of my own mother. She has to pick her spots in talking about this stuff for the same reason that Obama has to pick his in talking about race, so that they don’t alienate white male swing voters, but I guess she figures after threatening to nuke Iran and scoring big with that chummy kaffeeklatsch session with O’Reilly she can afford to show a little extra softness. Works for me.

Speaking of phoniness, though, do treat yourself to a look at her double-barreled mega-pander to the people of Guam. How much are four delegates worth? Full voting rights and taxpayer-funded reparations for Japanese atrocities. Keep up the good work, mom! Click the image to watch.