Video: O'Reilly and Mary Katharine Ham on "Abortionman"

No scantily clad teens tonight, just the usual rote, requisite nutroots-bashing. Plow through it or skip ahead to 2:45 for the meaty part, but not until you’ve watched the “Abortionman” video embedded below. She raises a good point: What was Damon Wayans going for? There’s no punchline of any sort, which is probably why she suspects it’s a parody — the humor, presumably, derives from knowing the source material and appreciating the allusions. But, er, what’s the source material? I don’t think it’s a parody at all, just a particularly tacky brand of first-grade sick-out humor. You remember. “What’s grosser than gross?” “Punching a fetus right out of a woman’s birth canal!” Etc.

Bill sure seems ticked, though. It’s probably for the best that he’s not a big Net surfer.