Heart-ache: NC governor says Hillary makes Rocky look like a "pansy"

The Hammer warned us yesterday that he’s a doofus. Tough call for the media here. He’s a Democrat, and thus enjoys the presumption of Tolerance, but he’s also a Hillary Democrat so, you know, not so much. Rank gay-baiting or down-home colloquialism for “weakling”? The political intelligentsia’s hedging its bets.

I linked the Journal’s rundown of Barry O’s gains among the superdelegates in Headlines this morning but have a look if you missed it at the time. Her Majesty’s gaining in Carolina but the important math is unyielding: There are 300 or so supers still up for grabs, roughly half of which come from the DNC and another 80 from the Democrats in the House, over whom Obama fan Nancy Pelosi presumably has some sway. Hillary currently trails him in total delegates by around 140; if that margin holds, she’d have to win 220+ of the remaining 300 supers — 73 percent — to overtake him at the convention. Factor in the party’s jitters about breaking the hearts of young voters and black voters by denying Obama the nomination and it’s a foregone conclusion … barring some sort of catastrophic implosion rendering the Messiah truly unelectable. Did Wright accomplish that yesterday? I’m thinking: nope. Click the image to watch.