McCain says Obama's "Fox News Sunday" interview makes Wright fair game?

I’ve got a question mark on it because I can’t find a direct quote, but Halperin says it’s true. Does this mean he’s going to back off his moronic “I didn’t see it but it sure sounds bad” criticism of the NC GOP ad?

Here’s the clip of Obama opening the door, so to speak. People were complaining of problems with RedLasso in the last thread, but wonder of wonders, after downloading the latest version of Flash they were able to see the video just fine. If you haven’t updated recently, there’s no time like the present.

Update: Here’s the transcript of the full interview.

Update: Looks like I spoke too soon. McCain’s not budging, although he seems to be greenlighting attacks from 527s in this vein:

“Senator Obama himself says it’s a legitimate political issue, so I would imagine that many other people will share that view and it will be in the arena,” he said at a news conference. “But my position that Senator Obama doesn’t share those views remains the same.”