Video: The obligatory, surreal "candidate speaks at birthday party for Hitler" clip

Lest I be accused of playing the conservative version of “name that party,” let’s acknowledge again up front that this tool is indeed running as a Republican, although of course not as the Republican Party nominee. (He’s also, god help us, an Annapolis grad.) There’s nothing here that you wouldn’t already have gleaned from yesterday’s post but watch a minute or two anyway for the hallucinogenic experience of a candidate for the U.S. Congress standing before a giant portrait of Adolf Hitler, blackshirts on either side, droning on in apparent obliviousness to his surroundings. It plays like sketch comedy gone horribly wrong — a politician following his instinct to pander to whatever audience is placed in front of him, no matter how loathsome that audience might be.

Why do I say “apparent obliviousness,” incidentally? Skip ahead to around 4:50 and watch for 60 seconds. He claimed he didn’t realize who it was he was addressing. Didn’t he?