Video: The first successful anti-war Iraq film?

Drama hasn’t worked, so they’ve got three options: (1) start making pro-war films (giggle); (2) stop making war films altogether; (3) try comedy. Lighter fare would be an improvement if only for sparing us the ordeal of watching A-list actors emote grotesquely, Olbermann style, once again over the horrors of neocon folly. This one starts off promisingly enough — the parody is b-r-o-a-d, but then so was “Dr. Strangelove” — and then appears to get bogged down in, of all things, plot. A big blank canvas on which to indict the military-industrial complex, and they turn it into a Keystone Kops assassination caper? I’ll reserve judgment until it’s released, of course, but the fact that Hilary Duff’s character is named “Yonica Babyyeah” does not inspire confidence. (Then again, neither would the name “Jack D. Ripper.”)

Here’s the article on which the film is partly based, in case its politics weren’t screamingly obvious already. Click the image to watch.