Matthews: So, that "Willie Horton" ad against Obama is racist, right?

Via the ‘Busters, eagle-eyed as ever. Proof positive that newly minted Fox News fan Terry McAuliffe is right that Matthews is hip-deep in the tank for Obama? Nah. He is in the tank, to be sure, but this isn’t evidence. (This is.) Matthews’s perceptions of racial subtext in political campaigning have nothing to do with Obama or even with black candidates necessarily, although he did reach his personal nadir with what he had to say before the 2006 midterms about Michael Steele’s “almost childlike” ads. Follow that link and see how he read a spot targeting Bob Menendez that referenced “The Sopranos”. Even by the already impressive standards of the left, his paranoia is impressive, demonstrated here by the reaction of the panel to his argument. Dare I say, he’s the quintessential example of the progressive whose thinking has allegedly transcended race yet somehow seems to find racial stereotypes everywhere he looks.

Here’s the Willie Horton ad they’re talking about, in case you missed it yesterday.