Hillary: This ain't over until Florida and Michigan are settled

It’s near the end of the clip. She’s been singing this song for the past month — going even so far as to say that Obama won’t be a legitimate nominee if those states aren’t counted — but I thought we could use a reminder on primary day as her fate hangs in the balance. The Chicago Tribune takes this as an implied threat that she’ll soldier on no matter what happens tonight, but I’m not so sure. If Obama upsets her in Pennsylvania and then wraps up Indiana and North Carolina, enough of the superdelegates will defect to him to make the nomination a foregone conclusion. In which case, he’ll simply do the magnanimous thing and agree to validate the results in Florida and Michigan, thereby eliminating her very principled objection to disenfranchisement and clearing the way for her to bow out.

Pretty clearly she’s sticking it out for at least another couple of weeks, though.