Canceled: Obama backs out of North Carolina debate

The official explanation: “time constraints and logistical issues.” The unofficial explanation: Team Barry didn’t want to give her a reason to stay in the race if she flames out tomorrow, which makes zero sense. If Indiana and North Carolina aren’t enough to make her soldier on to May 6th, the prospect of another debate won’t either. The real/obvious explanation: He can’t afford another beating. Your quote of the day, from the same hypocrites who knocked ABC for not giving them a chance to hear the two sound off on “substantive” issues: “No more debates!” I wonder, are the creme de la nutroots creme who signed this letter also cool with this last debate being canceled? How else are we going to reclaim the opportunity denied us by ABC to learn about their policy proposals, aside from visiting their websites or googling the transcripts of their previous 21 debates?

And before you ask, yes, Katie is heartbroken.

Update: Michael Moore says he’s not so much pro-Obama as pro-Obamites. The more they whine, the more the precise opposite is true for me.