Video: Hey, who's up for another 200-comment thread on tasing?

My least favorite subject to write about, but forced upon me this morning by a nasty case of spring fever and the fact that the lead news story in America is the Pope saying Mass. Here you go, then: The driver is drunk, agitated, and resisting arrest with physical force, but he’s also walking away from the cop when he’s zapped, which is an unorthodox posture for the use of a weapon that’s designed for self-defense during an attack. Question for the cops/friends of cops among the readership: What’s the normal protocol for dealing with an angry suspect who’s larger than you and not quite ready to be arrested yet? Call for back-up and make sure he doesn’t go anywhere until it arrives? Or make him ride the lightning and get this show on the road? Whatever happened to good ol’ mace, anyway?