Open thread: The "There will be blood" debate

8 p.m. ET on ABC. Wright, Bittergate, Tuzla, oil PACs — all of it likely to come up in the first 20 minutes, followed by another dreary, interminable hour of talking points and razor-thin distinctions drawn between their almost indistinguishable policies. She has to swing hard and he likes to counterpunch, so we may, at long last, have an honest to goodness Operation Chaos-brand cage match to entertain us. Is there any hope left for our gal? Not much, but some:

When asked how superdelegates should decide which candidate to support, nearly half of Democrats said they should follow the overall popular vote, while just one in eight said the number of delegates won in primaries and caucuses should be the deciding factor. Nearly four in 10 said superdelegates should choose the candidate they think is the best.

Other polls point to the state popular vote as being the favored metric, which isn’t quite as good but ain’t bad either. Liveblogging to commence below shortly, video to follow later if there’s anything clipworthy. Sound off if you’re watching.