Video: Hillary Clinton, defender of the common man; Update: Full video added

Is a woman unaffectionately known to the HA readership as “Her Majesty,” whose overweening sense of entitlement helped drive one of her husband’s own cabinet members into the Obama tent, really the best person to make this argument? Nope, but somebody had to say it. Follow the link and read her full statement, as this soundbite only scratches the surface. If she and her team were even halfway competent, the video would already be posted on YouTube and her website. It’ll be there eventually, I suppose. I’ll add it here when it is.

Next up: A conference call with heartlander Tom Vilsack to push the elitism angle while Indiana favorite son Evan Bayh hammers away at electability.


Update: Looks like I owe Team Hillary an apology. They are on the ball this time, and not a moment too soon. Here’s the full video from her YT channel. Money quote: “I don’t think it helps to divide our country into one America that is enlightened and one that is not.”