Video: Shameless liar smeared by racial demagogues

The title says it all; it’s the Democratic primary in a nutshell. A quick tour of RedLasso reveals that the “Morning Joe” crew ran this soundbite no fewer than three times in the span of three hours, including once for Obama strategist David Axelrod when he appeared on the show, with Scarborough and company naturally insisting all the while that they personally didn’t find anything suspect about it. If it’s unclear to you on first view what the issue is here, let DU be your guide: Clinton was discussing Obama’s misleading ad about oil companies, he reached for an analogy to illustrate its absurdity, and presto changeo — racism. Or at least, racism to the enlightened progressive who hears a reference to “stealing cars” and apparently automatically thinks of black people.

If this M.O. sounds familiar, it should. And to think, Ed Rendell and Lanny Davis accuse MSNBC of being in the tank for Obama. Lest I be accused of being in the tank for Her Majesty, though, read this update to BJ’s shameless Tuzla lie from last night and see how gracefully he’s handling the fallout. Exit quotation: “I regret that people like you care more about that when whether she served the troops.” Boo hoo.