Of course: Wright to speak at NAACP dinner

The news breaks on the very day that Obama’s warning his supporters (namely, Jay Rockefeller) to watch what they say. I bet he’s pretty jazzed at the thought of the media having to cover Rev. “America created AIDS” again, huh?

Controversial minister Jeremiah Wright will speak at the Detroit branch of the NAACP 53rd Annual Fight for Freedom Fund dinner.

Wright, the former minister of presidential candidate Barack Obama, has been under fire for remarks he’s made during his sermons about race relations, the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks and black separatism. He recently retired as pastor of Trinity United Church of Christ, a 10,000-member megachurch located in Chicago.

They’ve got cover from his retirement to do this — just honoring the man for his lifetime of scholarship, moral guidance, hate sermons, etc — but naturally there’s a built-in middle finger to his critics in the wake of last month’s uproar. Obama at least likes to pretend that he’d have disassociated himself from Wright if he’d remained pastor and refused to apologize for the “chickens home to roost” crap, notwithstanding that lifetime of service. Was an apology also a condition of the NAACP’s invitation? Feel my skepticism.

Maybe Colin Powell will be a sport and introduce him. Exit question: What does Hillary know?