Iraqi court grants AP photog Bilal Hussein amnesty on terror charges

Not guilty? Not quite:

A decision by a four-judge panel said Hussein’s case falls under a new amnesty law. It ordered Iraqi courts to “cease legal proceedings” and ruled that Hussein should be “immediately” released unless other accusations are pending…

In February, however, parliament approved a law providing amnesty to those held for insurgency-related offenses — including detainees such as Hussein who have never been convicted.

The committee from the Iraqi Federal Appeals Court ruled Monday that allegations against Hussein were covered by the Anti-Terrorist Law and were subject to the amnesty law.

It’s still unclear whether he’ll be released, as the military insists it has authority under the UN mandate to hold him notwithstanding the order and there’s still an allegation pending against him regarding the charming photo you’ll find at the end of this post. The boss has owned this story from the beginning and hints cryptically in her latest that there’s plenty more to come. I’ll bet: The last time the military addressed its suspicions of him, it did not mince words. Stay tuned.