Coming soon: Huckabee touts mystery announcement; Update: "New political entity"?

Prime fodder for a slow news day. The countdown clock points to April 15, which means smart money is on something having to do with the Fair Tax, but NBC notes that he’s giving a speech that night at Cornell on religion. Any guesses? I’m thinking a remake of “Voyagers” with Chuck Norris as Phineas and Huck in the Meeno Peluce role. Or, just possibly, the unveiling of a new PAC.

Exit question: Is he really going to make taxes the cornerstone of Huckabee 2.0? It’s red meat, but at this moment in time just sort of … random.

Update: Headlines comments imported!

Update: His daughter told NBC that the countdown had to do with a website redesign. It’s a little more ambitious than that:

Mike Huckabee will hold a conference call with supporters tomorrow night to discuss his plans for a new political entity and to assure them that he plans to keep an active presence in this campaign and in future cycles, according to an aide.

He’ll be joined on the call by Steve Strang, a Christian publisher and Huckabee backer whose magazine, “Charisma,” just ran a very flattering cover piece on the former candidate that touts his future prospects.

“You will hear insider information about Huckabee’s scrappy campaign that surprised the nation and stunned Republican Party elites,” promises Strang in an email to Huckabee backers. “The ‘preacher who dared to be president’ will also discuss his plans for the future and reflect on the changing state of the conservative movement.”