Good news: Another Al Qaeda-related McCain gaffe

And the DNC pounces. The clip is ambiguous: You can read it either as him quickly correcting himself or just sort of “covering his bases” by naming both major sects in Iraq, secure in the knowledge that AQ must belong to one of them. Goldfarb gives him the benefit of the doubt and points to a (common semantic) flub this morning by Ted Kennedy as tit for tat. That’s fine — I’ve played that game myself — but these repeated stumbles on a subject that goes to the core of his foreign policy credibility are becoming, shall we say, problematic. Memo to Team McCain: Someone had better pull him aside and run through the nuts and bolts of Sunnis, Shia, Wahhabism, and Al Qaeda just to make sure he’s up to speed, because with every new correction Obama’s inexperience looks less troublesome.