Indiana Democrats suspicious of Republicans voting in primary, not so suspicious of illegal aliens

Karl explains it all to you. Considering whom Operation Chaos is designed to benefit — and may be benefiting — Hillary-supporter Dan Parker is a man of high principle. Or an abject moron.

Indiana Democratic Party Chairman Dan Parker said he is concerned Republicans may try to cast crossover votes to skew results in the close presidential primary between U.S. Sens. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

“I’m only talking about crossover with mischievous intent,” Parker said of his party’s plans to challenge suspicious voters. “If there is a coordinated effort by Republicans to affect the outcome of our primary, that would be something the party would try through the challenge process to keep those voters out.”

Lake County GOP Chairman John Curley said he finds that appalling.

I don’t want to lift Karl’s whole post so follow the link to PW for the punchline. Needless to say, the boss’s fans will not be surprised to find the left’s position on this issue highly nuanced. In fact, it actually came before the U.S. Senate last summer. Note which presidential candidate is to be found among the 54 nays.