McCain: Obama doesn't understand "the fundamental elements of national security and warfare"

A vigorous parry of yesterday’s dishonest distortion of his “100 years in Iraq” comment by Obama that’s harsher and more dismissive than it should be. It’ll play with the base and with our readers, but I hasten to remind you that the brightening in the polls of late about Iraq does not extend to the question of whether the war was the right or wrong decision. On the contrary, public sentiment on that point has actually soured slightly over the past year. Telling Obama he doesn’t know jack about war when most of the electorate now shares his early skepticism is, perhaps, a bit more Straight Talk than the hawk of hawks should permit himself. But I know I’ll be ripped to shreds for suggesting as much, so flame away.

Exit question: When are we going to bring our boys home from Kuwait? Or is Obama cool with the “100 year” plan for that country, like he is with Japan, Germany, South Korea, etc.? Click the image to watch.