Hillary vows: We're going all the way to the convention; Update: Hillary questions the legitimacy of Obama's nomination

Good lord. Even I find her ruthlessness here creepy, and I’m pulling for her. I’m giving you the second clip mostly for the smug look on her face after she delivers her bone-chilling “long way from being over” line. It’s the first clip that you want to pay attention to, as it offers (a) the comic spectacle of a woman who’s counting on superdelegates to nullify Obama’s lead among the voters whining about people being disenfranchised; (b) the near-taunting of him as being too gutless to contest Michigan, replete with mockery of his message of “empowerment and all that”; and (c) most memorably, the edge in her voice near the end — “I. don’t. think. that. will. happen.” — when she practically dares the party not to seat Florida and Michigan. It’s of a piece with yesterday’s brinksmanship by her donors in threatening to cut off, to the tune of $24 million, congressional Democrats if Pelosi doesn’t stop shilling for Obama. Does she really want a relationship with the DNC that’s openly adversarial by the time of the convention? We want that because it ratchets up the sore-loser effect on both sides, but why on earth would she?

Meanwhile, Joe Klein’s solution to the great disenfranchisement dilemma is to have the party nominate a guy who wasn’t on the ballot in a single primary. Rest, Joe.

Update: How’d I miss this the first time through? From the beginning of the first clip: “I don’t think that the nominee of the party will be considered legitimate if we don’t figure out how to count those votes from Michigan and Florida.” She’s suggesting that the voters won’t consider him legitimate, but clearly she’s agreeing with their rationale. How’s she going to campaign for a guy who, by her own standards, is bogus if Michigan and Florida end up getting the shaft? Think you’ll be seeing this line in any McCain ads down the road?