Shameless liar on Bosnia: I'm only human; Video: CBS embarrasses Hillary again

Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. Or, failing that, he who at least hasn’t wildly exaggerated his foreign policy experience on the imbecilic premise that “if it’s too dangerous for the president, send the First Lady.”

The second clip’s my favorite. The reporter’s asking why she told an interviewer this morning that this was the first time she’d misspoken in 12 years. Exit question: McCain and Obama are also saying “millions of words” each week. How come they haven’t stumbled into any fantasias about dodging enemy fire while hugging five-year-olds on some tarmac?

Update: I mentioned in the earlier post today that she’s lied about this at least three times so far on the stump. Just how far does it go? Fresh from tonight’s CBS Evening News…