Report: Saudis cancel plans for Catholic churches in Kingdom

Golly. And on the very day that Abdullah’s calling for interfaith understanding to combat the mighty scourge of atheism that threatens all that’s good and decent.

I wonder what changed.

The president of the Middle East Center for Strategic Studies, Anwatr al Oshqi, has reported that Saudi Arabia’s royal family has decided against building a Catholic church in the kingdom…

While it was not an official response to that request, Al Oshqi’s report carries considerable weight because it was made during a broadcast on the Al Arabiya news channel, which is owned by the Saudi royal family.

Such has been the whining about the “provocation” inherent in welcoming a prominent critic of Islam to the flock that the Vatican was compelled to respond today with a front-page editorial in its paper. Too little, too late. That’s what you get for respecting freedom of conscience.

Exit question: Recognize the name “Anwar al Oshqi,” incidentally? Sure you do.