Fred Thompson embarks on new career

A gubernatorial run in Tennessee? A new PAC, a la Mitt, to help elect Republicans? A treatise on conservative first principles and why America must urgently return to them, followed perhaps by a lecture tour?

Maybe eventually. But for now — acting!

After a failed run for president, Fred Thompson is getting back to pretending to be commander in chief.

Hollywood’s high-powered William Morris Agency announced this week that it has signed the actor/politician, signaling a return to the screen for the former senator from Tennessee.

Exit question for the Fredheads: Good news or bad news? On the one hand, you’ll get to see him regularly again. On the other, is this really what you envisioned the “true conservative” who was going to lead us out of the wilderness doing after the race? It’d be like Reagan losing to Carter in 1980 and then going out to make “Bedtime for Bonzo II.”