D.C. cops going door to door: We'd like your guns, please

Via HMJ, I trust, with blind faith, that this has nothing to do with the minor matter that handgun ownership may be a full-fledged constitutional right in the District within three months.

D.C. police are going door-to-door Monday in one of the city’s crime-plagued neighborhoods, asking residents for permission to search their homes for guns and other illegal contraband.

The program, called the Safe Homes Initiative, will offer homeowners and renters limited amnesty for possessing any contraband found by police.

The program is aimed at removing guns and drugs kept by children and young adults in their parents’ homes. The homeowners will be asked to sign a form, consenting to the search…

Ward 8 Councilman Marion Barry supports the initiative’s aims, but has some problems with it.

“I don’t understand it. In fact we will fight against it until we find out what will be the end point,” says Barry. “That’s a parental responsibility. Not the government’s responsibility to know what kids are doing, when they come home, who their friends are and what they have in the house.”

Out of the mouths of crackheads. Veteran HA readers may recall that we’ve been over this ground before. Are the searches constitutional? Answer: Damn skippy if consent is given and we’re only talking about adults, but follow the link for some potentially complicating factors about searching kids’ rooms, even with parental consent. Exit question: Why, with the Supremes leaning towards blessing firearm possession, would anyone aware of his rights be intimidated by a gun grab now? Like the lady says, albeit on a different note, “Ain’t nobody in their right mind going to let them in to the house for guns, drugs, nothing.”