Hosting company pulls the plug on Geert Wilders's anti-Islam movie?

Tomorrow’s the big day — or rather, today is, if plans proceed to post the movie online at midnight (European time, I’m assuming). I’ve been monitoring the official website since this morning and until the past hour it looked like this. Click to enlarge:


That’s from the British website, which is still up and running as I write this. The American page looked exactly the same except for “Coming Soon” in place of the date. Now it looks like this. Click again to enlarge:


Here’s Network Solutions’s terms of use. Is paragraph 7 the operative one, do you think — or is it paragraph 10? If the latter, why on earth did they agree to host the site in the first place? Have they missed the global uproar over the movie during the past two months?

And why are they bouncing it before the film’s even gone online? As I say, the only thing on the site right now is that Koran image and the title information. Where’s the terms of use violation? Or are they being DOS’d already?

I’m stepping out for a bit but keep your eye on the site. Exit question: Where does it end?

Update: Please do read that Wash Times article and reflect on the fact that a movie of such immense public interest as to have drawn comments from heads of state and NATO officials before it’s even been released is struggling at this moment to find a single western media outlet, of any sort, to distribute it. Wilders’s point has already been proved, hasn’t it?