Awesome: Wright was an invited guest of the Clintons at the White House; Update: "How pathetic"

Photographic evidence, taken three years to the day before the chickens … came home … to roost. Is Billy Jeff’s culpability in not thoroughly vetting his audience the same as Obama’s in patronizing a hate merchant for 20 years? Not remotely, but anything that makes the Clintons squirm is worth linking. Throw that Hail Mary, Messiah!

Double bonus: There’s an opening here for the left to rub Bush’s face in his own poor audience vetting. Think they’ll use it? C’mon, guys — there’s even a common point of reference! Exit question: Doesn’t this give Hillary a disincentive to prove that Wright’s been saying crazy stuff for decades? If so, then not only should Obama have known but so should the Clintons’ own WH aides.

Update: Incidentally, is this a tacit admission that associating with Wright is improper and scandal-worthy? Triple bonus!

Update: “Isn’t it funny that previous bad Democratic behavior is being used by the media to excuse current Democratic bad behavior?”

Update: Heh. Indeed.