Video: Mary Katharine Ham on hookers gone wild

I’m tempted to harangue O’Reilly yet again for his speech-squashing tendencies, this time vis-a-vis Juicy Campus, but that meme’s played out and for once he might actually have some ground to stand on. So instead let’s focus on the first segment, in which a young, tanned “Kristen” does the squat-and-grind with a pair of nubile pals. Question: What exactly is the “policing the Internet” angle here? As MKH says, it sounds like Girls Gone Wild is in the clear legally. O’R himself expresses no opinion aside from a bemused chuckle. Am I being cynical to think the whole thing is just an excuse to show the footage? I am, aren’t I? For shame. Exit question: What would Laura Ingraham say?