Hillary salutes "an extraordinary leader and a wonderful advocate of our military"

…whose sworn testimony on a matter of gravest national import supposedly isn’t worthy of belief and whose honor she couldn’t bring herself to defend lest it pit her against the left’s bottom-feeding vanguard at MoveOn.org. Consider this an early incarnation of that “ceremonial, crap-eating mea culpa” we’re in store for next month, as well as a useful reminder that when it comes to embracing the dregs of the left out of political expedience, Obama’s got nothing on Her Majesty. Via Goldfarb:

As critical as she is about the Bush administration’s conduct of the Iraq war, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton gave a relatively rare shout-out to the military’s top man in Baghdad, General David Petraeus, calling him “an extraordinary leader and a wonderful advocate for our military.”…

At a town hall meeting just now, Mrs. Clinton laid out her plan to withdraw troops from Iraq, noting she would rely on “the best military advice we can get” to devise a “very thoughtful” approach to start removing troops within 60 days of taking office.

As she concluded her remarks, she noted that American forces in Iraq were led by “an extraordinary leader and a wonderful advocate of our military.”

I hope after she launches into her ass-kissing, congratulatory introductory remarks about the security gains when he testifies next month that he has the stones to remind her of her grandstanding about what a supposed liar he is. Nothing indignant; just a pointed “I’m glad you find me more persuasive this time, senator” will do.